1) download latest eclipse edition: [Eclipse Download](https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/)
In eclipse installer choose Eclipse DSL Tools. During installation follow all defaults (if it runs slowly choose another mirror during download)

2) install efxclipse 3.4.1 (was release on 12 2018) from eclipse marketplace (Help/Eclipse Marketplace search for efxclipse) and restart

tip: in ProblemView at the button choose special menu (on the right side) and Show Error/Warnings on Selection

3) from welcome page choose „Checkouts Projects from Git“->
clone Uri-> input https://instanttouch@bitbucket.org/virtualsurround/surround.git

4) start maven/tyco build for de.instanttouch.surround.releng/pom.xml DebugAs->install

5) refresh all projects -> finished with no more errors

6) configure preferences java installed JREs by adding a jdk as default

7) create a new Debug configuration (Run->Debug Configurations …). Choose a new Eclipse Application context menu new Configuration
use Surround as name. choose:

goto the Plugins-Tab:

choose plugins selected below only -> choose all workspace plugins -> Add Required Plug-ins:

start Application (should open without errors)